mouse tracks 1 500x500

House mouse paw prints.

House mouse prints are very small and on tracking paper they can look like a scattering of dots. The forefeet prints can be about 7.4mm wide and 5.1mm long. The hindfeet prints are about 7.4mm wide and 6.74mm long. It is important to look at how the dots are arranged, as weta, stick insects, other insects, and lizards also leave dotty-footprints, but in quite different patterns.  Mouse forefeet have four toes widely spaced in a circular pattern around up to three central pads. There are five toes on the hindfeet, with the middle three toes in front of the main pad (can be split into up to five segments) and the outer toes are either side of the main pad.

Drawing: by Sonia Frimmel