Rabbit tracks 10sq

Rabbit tracks in sand, showing running gait.

Rabbits move by placing their forefeet on the ground, one in front of the other, and then swinging the hind legs forward to land side by side in front of the forefeet. In this instance, the two side-by-side hind prints are clear to see, though only one of the forefeet prints is showing because the animal was running.

We know it was running because of the distance betweeen the sets of prints (i.e. the animal was bounding); the way the hind feet were coming down on top of the first forefoot print (leaving only the 2nd one showing); and the similar size of fore and hind prints. Normally, at slow pace, the long hind feet would leave a much longer print, but when moving at speed only the tip of the hind paws makes contact with the ground.

Note: the second line of tracks diagonally across the photo are not clear enough to identify.

Photograph: by Lisa Kierny, taken at Simpsons Beach, Coromandel peninsula