Pest Detectives at Sylvia Park School

12 August 2017

Sylvia Park School

We were delighted to recently receive twenty hand-written and beautifully illustrated letters from enthusiastic young pest detectives at Sylvia Park School.

The Year 2 pupils described how they had discovered that there were resident hedgehogs at the school and that hedgehogs are pests.

As part of an inquiry project investigating animals, they had made an animal tracker to see what pests they had at the school. They used peanut butter as a lure and red food colouring to record footprints from any animals that visited the tunnel.

Their teacher, Bonnie Hartfield, wrote, “We found the Pest Detective website really informative and useful. Hopefully, we will have 20 budding pest detectives happy and willing to rid New Zealand of pests by 2050!”

We hope so too.