Rodent insect droppings 500x500

Comparison between rat, weta, and stick insect droppings.

The image shows ship rat (top left), Norway rat (top right), weta (bottom left) and stick insect (bottom right) droppings. Norway rat droppings average around 16 mm in length. The droppings are cylindrical and blunt-ended. Weta droppings tend to be thinner than ship rat droppings, have a blunter end, and often have a ridge running along the length of the dropping on one side.  Stick insect droppings can look like a tube of stacked circular disks, especially when dry.

Image: with kind permission of A.E. Beveridge. Originally published in: Beveridge, A. E. 1964. Dispersal and destruction of seed in central North Island podocarp forests. Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society 11: 48-55