Can you help with pest clue photos?

5 February 2015

PestDetec pic needed cam2

Want to help fill the gaps in our collection of pest animal clue photographs?

If so, please take your cameras when out in the field and look out for examples of the following animal sign to record. Images should be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels. It's also helpful to include a ruler or object to show relative scale.

Upload your images via our submission form, with details of time, place and your observations. Here is a list of the  clues we currently need photos for.

Mouse: droppings; fore & hind paw prints; fruit & flower damage; bird & invertebrate kill.

Kiore: droppings; footprints; nest; invertebrate & egg kill.

Ship rat: footprints; vertebrate & invertebrate kill. 

Norway rat: tracks to show gait; trail; burrow; fruit, flower & bark damage; bird & egg kill.

Possum: droppings showing prey remains; older dry droppings; footprints in sand & soft sediment; den; eye shine.

Rabbit: footprints; tracks showing gait; tree bark damage.

Goat: prints showing typical inward curve of hoof tips.

Fallow deer: scattered & clumped droppings; play ring; understorey, bark, leaf & seedling damage, preferably on plants that fallow deer prefer.

Sika deer: trail; bark damage from antler rubbing.    

Rusa deer: droppings; footprints; trail; wallow; bedding site; understorey, bark & leaf damage.

White-tailed deer: droppings; footprints on various surfaces; footprints showing size male/female/fawn size difference.

Sambar deer: footprints; wallow; understorey damage; antler rubbing bark damage.

Red deer: droppings, clumped & old/dry; walking pace track; wallow; bark damage from antler rubbing; browse on coppiced broadleaf shoots. 

Pig: wallow; vertebrate, invertebrate & egg kill or scavenging.

Hedgehog: tracks showing gait; footprints showing foot pads; nest; any vegetation damage; vertebrate, invertebrate & egg kill.

Cat: fore & hind footprints; trail; den; lizard & egg kill.

Weasel: separate & clumped droppings; kill sign.

Stoat: kill sign.

Ferret: tracking tunnel footprints; invertebrate & egg kill.