Using Pest Detective in the Field

16 June 2018

Mobile ph closeup

Did you know that Pest Detective is usable on mobile devices, including phones? No special app is required.

However, Haydn Butler pointed out that he often goes out of cell phone range. He wondered if there is a printed field guide with the same clue information that could be used for people doing pest work in remote areas.

The answer is that we haven't produced a printed guide because it would outdate rapidly - we keep adding more content, such as images as they come to hand. However, it is relatively easy to download the content you want from Pest Detective as either a PDF document you can keep on your phone or printed in paper form. See the simple instructions on how to do this.

When we sent Haydn the instructions, he replied, "This is great and works well – with a bit of time, I can format these to make a little field book or just save them on to a phone, so that’s great!"

Do let us know if you would like to see Pest Detective fully available (i.e. as the fully interactive website) for offline use and, if so, the kind of situations or places you go where it would be particularly useful.