Baby animal sign

12 April 2021

The small size of baby animal sign can be misleading, as in a recent case of mystery droppings.

Jeff Mason, of Wellington,  noticed two groups of small droppings in his garage but could find no sign of either an animal or insect. He contacted Pest Detective asking for help to identify what he described as “1-2 mm ball bearing-shaped black droppings.”

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Rat or frog dropping?

8 March 2021

This summer, biosecurity staff on pest-free Ahuahu-Great Mercury Island (GMI) were alarmed to find a dropping that looked suspiciously like that of a Norway rat. Worryingly, three more were found in the following month.

Yet, further investigation failed to confirm that a rat had invaded. If not a rat, then what could it be?

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‘Honkers’ are easy to detect

29 January 2021

Canada geese are one of the more detectable pest animals in New Zealand.

Even when out of sight, their honking call is distinctive.

The birds themselves are a common sight in many parts of the country, as they feed during daylight in open areas. In comparison, many of our other pest species are much less visible, being nocturnal, well camouflaged and/or secretive in their behaviour.

Canada geese are easily recognised for their large size. Adults measure 850 to 950 mm in beak-to-tail length.

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